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The Benefits of the Wizz Club

The Wizz Club helps children learn important concepts by presenting a modern “School House Rock” vibe. We create “concert” videos that feature songs that will entertain children while also entertaining them. These interactive, learning-based concerts are available on our YouTube Channel and our website. We’re a multicultural group of friends with the common goal of educating children through song. Here’s why we’re a great resource to help your children learn:

The Learning Process

We make kids want to learn by making the learning process fun and relatable for them. When we release a new video, it will appear on our YouTube Channel and concert page of our website. You can then show it to your children or students on your own time. Meanwhile, you can download a worksheet from our website that corresponds with the video. Children can complete the worksheet to show off what they’ve learned.


Our videos can be watched anywhere you can get internet access. There’s no waiting around to download a file. You don’t have to watch a one-time live event. You can watch the concerts on a phone, tablet, computer or Smart TV at any time of day or night and revisit them as many times as you like. Children that know how to navigate YouTube can find the videos themselves.

It’s Free

Not only are these materials accessible at any time, but they’re also accessible to any parent or school district, regardless of financial means. It’s free to watch the videos online and free to download the worksheets from our site.

If you’re interested in helping kids learn in an entertaining way, check out our YouTube Channel and the concert page of our website.


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