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The Wiz Club is a multicultural group of friends who presents a modern day "School House Rock" vibe, entertaining kids while also
educating them through live
interactive videos.

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Meet The Wizz Club
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Welcome to "THE WIZZ CLUB" The New Wave 

of learning is finally here!

Your Alphabet Is LIVE

Your Additions & Subtractions Are LIVE

Your Multiplications Are LIVE

and ALL In Concert Starting NOW!



For All Children Across The World

The Concert

Educational Hip Hop Music for Children

It’s not always easy to get children excited about learning. Often teachers may have a hard time reaching and connecting with a younger generation. Meanwhile, children may feel as though teachers don’t understand them.

Sometimes, the best way to reinforce a concept to children is to show it to them in a different form, perhaps a format they’re more familiar with. We here at The Wizz Club can help you do just that.

Our Mission

The Wizz Club is a multicultural group of friends who present a modern day “School House Rock” vibe. We aim to entertain kids while also educating them through live interactive videos. We do interactive learning-based concerts through our website and YouTube Channel.

For example, children can watch our educational concerts on the website or our YouTube Channel and then can complete worksheets, available for download on our website, to show that they learned something from what they watched.

This is a great way to reinforce a lesson to children to ensure that they understand. Plus, they’ll be so entertained, they’ll be looking forward to the next lesson rather than dreading it.

So, whether you’re a parent eager to aid your child’s learning or an educator looking to reinforce your lessons in a fun way, The Wizz Club is perfect for you. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to be the first to see our newest videos.

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